About Us

We are proudly celebrating 30 years in business! PROLENS has been serving skiers, snowboarders and specialty ski shops since 1992. A family business founded in 1992 by specialty ski shop owners Deke and Chris Tower in Campton New Hampshire, operating from a small room in their home near Waterville Valley, they recognized the need for replacement lenses for ski goggles. Dominique Alain and Leo Joy acquired PROLENS in 2007 and have grown the company to be the worlds leading provider of replacement lenses for snow goggles and interchangeable lens sunglasses. From day one, PROLENS has focused on providing the best customer service in the ski and sporting goods industry helping customers identify their ski goggles or sunglasses so that they can choose the correct model of lens and by providing the best advice on lens tints and current lens technology. To this day it remains not unusual for a customer to walk into a specialty ski shop to inquire about ski goggle replacement lenses and to be told to call 1-800-PRO-LENS or visit We remain proud of our relationship with all our customers and the relationships we have with the manufacturers and specialty ski shops who continue to support us.

With a combined 60+ years of experience in the ski and snowboard industry, ski racing, and cycling, we are committed to providing our customers with the best advice possible to meet their needs in eye wear and outdoor gear. We are an Authorized Dealer for every manufacturer we represent so everything we sell is 100% warrantied by the manufacturer.

We are still a small family run company now based in Vermont near Jay Peak, a location that allows us to enjoy great skiing and outdoor activities. We remain true to our core principles of providing superior customer service while enjoying all that we are passionate about, enjoying the outdoors and helping our customers enjoy the outdoors by feeding their view with the best gear and lenses available.