Youth Goggles

Youth and Junior Ski Goggles

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    Shimmer w/ Blue Ion - Dragon R1 OTG Goggles Whiteout w/ Pink Ion - Dragon R1 OTG Goggles

    Dragon Alliance R1 OTG Goggles

    Experience the pure essence of mountain performance with Dragon Alliance's R1 OTG ski and snowboard goggles. These goggles offer no added frills, focusing solely on the performance and fit you demand in the snow. The R1 OTG showcases a polished,...
    MSRP: $160.00
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    Blue - Scott Witty Junior Goggles White - Scott Witty Junior Goggles

    Scott Jr Witty Snow Goggles

    The Jr Witty goggle seamlessly incorporates the fantastic features of the popular Jr Hookup into a playful and contemporary design, guaranteeing that the upcoming generation of young shredders can hit the slopes with style. This goggle not only ensures...
    MSRP: $20.00
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  • Smith Optics Daredevil Kids Ski Goggles Smith Optics Daredevil Junior Straps

    Smith Daredevil Junior Goggles

    The Daredevil is the next level in over-the-glass technology for kids. Ample interior volume, a floating foam membrane, and a fresh, semi-rimless style, come together to create an exceptional OTG goggle for kids. Small to medium Youth fit Anti-fog...
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    Smith Optics Gambler Kids Ski Goggles

    Smith Gambler Junior Goggles

    Designed to perform perfectly in wintry conditions, the Gambler will make sure your groms won’t have to gamble on the slopes. Custom strap graphics and a 'one-does-all' RC36 lenses for the next generation of superstars. Floating membrane...
    MSRP: $40.00
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    Smith Optics Rascal Kids Ski Goggles

    Smith Rascal Junior Snow Goggles

    Clean looks and small fit, the new Rascal is designed so every kid can have fun on snow, The lens has Fog-X technology so it stays fog-free. The frame is crafted for a great fit on small faces, so there's no distraction from having a blast while learning...
    MSRP: $30.00
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