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Electric continues to make some of the most comfortable and cutting edge snow goggles and have firmly established themselves as a leader in goggle technology. The EG2 started the big spherical lens "big view look" craze that every goggle maker chased and continue to shake things up with the EG3 and the press seal, tight locking vacuum seal type lens seal creating a tight fit lens to goggle. A favorite of all skiers and snowboarders.


  • Static Black w/ Auburn Red - Electric Roteck Goggle Electric Roteck Goggles

    Electric Roteck Goggles

    The Electric Roteck ski and snowboard goggles are engineered for all-day comfort and performance. The frame features a minimalistic design with Electric's line of premium lenses that provide distortion free viewing with maximized contrast and clarity no...
    $160.00 - $210.00
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  • Black w/ Brose - Electric Charger Goggles White w/ Purple Chrome - Electric Charger Goggles

    Electric Charger Snow Goggles

    Introducing the Electric Charger, a versatile all-mountain goggle that combines minimalist design with a lightweight and comfortable fit. Designed to enhance your on-snow experience, the Charger goggle offers a sleek and modern look, perfect for riders...
    $60.00 - $70.00
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    Matte Black w/ Blue Chrome - Electric EG2-T Goggles Murked w/ Jet Black - Electric EG2-T Goggles

    Electric EG2-T Snow Goggles

    Carrying on the EG2 tradition of “more lens, less frame,” the EG2-T features a toric lens that mimics the curve of a human head. This innovative lens shape provides superior peripheral vision, ensuring less distortion and improved clarity...
    MSRP: $160.00
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    Matte Black w/ Purple Chrome - Electric Kleveland Small Goggles Pink Volt w/ Pink Chrome - Electric Kleveland Small Goggles

    Electric Kleveland Small Snow Goggles

    Introducing the Kleveland Small, a downsized marvel that encapsulates everything our snow team adores in a goggle. This goggle is perfect for women, young shredders, and individuals with narrower temples and smaller faces. With a design tailored to fit...
    MSRP: $120.00
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    Matte Speckled Black - Electric Kleveland II Goggles Army Drab w/Blue Chrome -  Electric Kleveland II Goggles

    Electric Kleveland II Snow Goggles w/ Extra Lens

    Introducing the All-New KLEVELAND II Magnetic Snow Goggles, an evolution of Electric's number one selling goggle. This goggle has been taken to the next level with quick-change magnetic lenses, allowing you to switch lenses on the fly. It comes with two...
    MSRP: $240.00
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    Camo Volt - Electric Kleveland Snow Goggles Electric Kleveland Snow Goggles

    Electric Kleveland Snow Goggles

    Meet the Kleveland, a groundbreaking goggle born from the collaboration between snowboarder Marcus Kleveland, one of the most innovative and creative riders worldwide, and Electric. This partnership marks the debut of Marcus Kleveland's signature goggle,...
    $84.00 - $112.00
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    Electric EG3 Matte White Ski Goggles

    Electric EG3 Matte White Snow Goggle BRose Pink Chrome

    Built on the market-leading technology of the original oversized goggle, Electric introduced the next phase in the evolution of the EG2. The EG3 features the Electric Press SEAL (similar to a tight locking vacuum bag) system, ensuring an airtight lens to...
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    Electric EGV Matte Black  Ski Snowboard Goggles Electric EGV Snow Goggles

    Electric EGV Snow Goggles

    The EGV is a cylindrical product for the avid all mountain or park/street rider. This wide frame has a classic retro look, but with a re-engineered modern fit that has maximum peripheral vision. Features: Ergonomic Frame Design Mold Injected...
    MSRP: $79.89
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    Electric EG3.5 Matte Black Ski Snowboard Goggle

    Electric EG3.5 Matte Black Snow Goggle BRose Red Chrome

    Simple - Sealed - Solid. The EG3.5 carries over all of the ground breaking tech features of the EG3 sized down to fit a smaller face. The slightly smaller frame is also an optimal fit with helmets while still providing premium optics. Available in the...
    MSRP: $199.95
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    Electric EGG Snow Goggle - Camo Checker/Brose Silver Chrome Electric EGG Snow Goggle - Camo Checker/Brose Silver Chrome

    Electric EGG Camo Checker Snow Goggle BRose/Silver Chrome

    Which came first? Well, in this case the EG2 is the chicken. The EG2 was the first of its kind over a decade ago and has remained one of the best selling goggles in snowboarding throughout its legacy. In the spirit of innovation, Electric's EGG Goggle...
    MSRP: $179.95
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