The new Mainline MIPS full face helmet from Smith

The new Mainline MIPS full face helmet from Smith

27th Jun 2022


Smith's new full face helmet debut, the Mainline MIPS, is here at PROLENS. Although new to the world of full face helmets, Smith is no stranger to releasing some of the very best mountain bike helmets we've seen and trusted enough to wear on our heads. Smith set out to design the helmet to stack up with some of the long established players in the downhill mountain bike protection world, and they've earned their spot. The Mainline MIPS is lightweight and very comfortable with an extraordinary fit straight out of the box. The low weight and fantastic ventilation makes the Mainline helmet a great choice for the enduro shredder.

Fit and Design

Smith followed along with the current trend in full-face helmet designs with a low-profile style and a focus on safety aspects and new technology. The Mainline MIPS features Koroyd, a series of bonded tubes arranged in a honey-comb pattern that are strategically placed in portions of the helmet. The point of using Koroyd is energy absorption in the case of a crash. These bonded tubes crumple under impact and absorb the force in a controlled manner. As these tubes are hollow, they allow for a lighter weight and more air to flow through and into the helmet without compromising on safety. The rest of the helmet is built with the tried and true EPS foam found on most bike helmets. 

Included in the box are three sets of cheek pads in different thicknesses. This allows for a fine-tuned fit as full-face helmets should not only be snug at the top and back of your head, but the sides as well as your cheeks for the full advantage of its provided safety. Also included are two sets of neck rolls, the wide padding located along the back of your neck. 

The Mainline helmet also features the increasingly popular MIPS protection. MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) is a thin layer that sits between the padding and top shell of the helmet. This layer allows the helmet to slightly rotate independently from the head in the event of a crash, and in particular, an off-angle impact to the head. Over the last decade, MIPS has found its way into most higher end bike helmets, and for good reason.

Smith Mainline MIPS Helmet - Rider


The Mainline MIPS is truly design and engineered for the rowdy enduro rider or someone looking for further protection on the downhill segments when their half-shell might not inspire confidence. As one of the lightest full-face helmets we've had in our hands, the Mainline MIPS is well-suited for the ascents and packs a punch in terms of ventilation. With 21 fixed vents, these vents are strategically placed to maximize breathability. While the front vents act as internal channels to bring air in the helmet, the vents at the back are designed to exhaust that air. The front of the chinbar has been left open to allow for maximum breathing space without sacrificing the sturdiness and effectiveness.  

With Smith's AirEvac ventilation system, you get a fog-free ride when combined with Smith goggles. All of this with a very low weight (27 ounces/770 grams for a size medium), and the ASTM F1952 Downhill rating, you're left with a superb choice for your next downhill or enduro adventure. 

Check out the Smith Mainline MIPS now at PROLENS. 

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