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Spy Optics

Spy Optics Replacement Sunglass Lenses

If you need assistance choosing the appropriate lens or to help identify your Spy sunglasses, please call us at 1-800-PRO-LENS.

PROLENS is an authorized Spy dealer.

  • Spy HSX Scoop Lenses

    Spy HSX Scoop Lens

    Replacement lenses for Spy Optics HSX Scoop Sunglasses 9x3 Base Toric ARC® lenses 100% UV protection Lens Tints: Bronze - 11.4% VLT Grey - 12.8% VLT Grey Gradient Silver Mirror - 8.9% VLT * VLT (Visible Light Transmission) The percentage of...

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  • Spy Quanta Lenses

    Spy Quanta Lens

    Replacement lenses for Spy Quanta sunglasses. Varying tints and colors allow you to have a spare set of lenses for any possible weather condition.Looking for a lens to increase contrast and depth perception in low light? Try the Rose Contact.Features: 8...

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