Why Choose Tifosi?

Why Choose Tifosi?

Posted by Leo Joy on 11th Apr 2020


What may still seem like an unrecognizable sunglasses manufacturer to many, Tifosi Optics has been leading the way in quality affordable sunglasses for well over a decade now. Founded by a husband and wife team focused on the cycling industry and with many years as regional representatives of some of the industry's most major brands, Joe and Elizabeth Earley recognized the need for an interchangeable lens sunglasses that were well built and affordable. Now as the recognized leader of sales of sunglasses in North America, Tifosi continues to innovate and manufacture some of the best sunglasses for all outdoor activities to include running, golf,  tennis, fishing, boating and more.

Many of their models continue to sell well into all sport markets. The Podium XC offers a single shield design with removal arms and nose pad, the Tyrant 2.0, a more traditional two lens frame with many lens options to include both Clear Reader and Smoke Reader lenses, and the recently released Aethon and Davos models that offer the certain cycling and performance look.

Tifosi Optics has also just in the last year introduced their Enliven lenses specifically designed to boost contrast, whether on the golf course, out cycling or mountain biking, or fishing, the Enliven lenses will give you a better visual experience. Tifosi also has one of our most popular llenses of all time, the High Speed Red Fototec lens which is a light adjusting photochromic lens that works extremely well when blasting through the shadows and streaks of light of the crankiest mountain bike trails.

ProLens has been working with and partnered with Tifosi for almost ten years now and we enjoy their continued quest for making the outdoor activities we enjoy most, better! So don't hesitate, you will not be disappointed in the fit and finish, the quality, or the price of your new Tifosi shades.