Spy Optics

  • Spy Alloy Targa Moto Bike Lenses Spy Targa Alloy Tear Off 10-pack

    Spy Alloy & Targa MX Goggle Lenses

    Experience unbeatable clarity and protection with our Spy Alloy & Targa MX goggle lenses. Designed for motocross and off-road enthusiasts, these lenses are built to excel in challenging...
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  • Spy Omen Moto Goggle Lens

    Spy Omen MX Goggle Lenses

    Unlock unparalleled performance with our Spy Omen MX goggle lenses. These lenses are engineered to meet the demands of motocross and off-road adventures, providing riders with optimal clarity and...
    $12.00 - $27.00
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    Spy Ace Goggle - Herringbone Gray Spy Ace Goggle - Night Rider Matte Black

    Spy Ace Snow Goggles

    The free bonus lens and Quick Draw lens change system put the midsized Ace at the top of the deck. In volatile conditions, you can easily slide the bonus high-visibility lens into place and quickly...
    MSRP: $129.95
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  • Spy Legacy Goggle - Gone Fishing

    Spy Legacy Snow Goggles

    With the lowest profile and widest peripheral view of any premium Spy goggle, the Legacy inherits the color, contrast and mood-enhancing Happy Lens and takes their Lock Stead quick-change lens system...
    MSRP: $229.95
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  • SALE
    Spy Bravo Goggles - Matte White w/ HD Plus Bronze w/ Red Spectra Mirror Lens

    Spy Bravo Snow Goggles

    Performance worthy of a standing ovation. The Bravo is a midsize goggle that features Spy Optics' Lock Steady technology – the quickest, fingerprint free lens change system on the...
    MSRP: $219.89
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  • Spy Quanta Lenses

    Spy Quanta Lens

    Replacement lenses for Spy Quanta sunglasses. Varying tints and colors allow you to have a spare set of lenses for any possible weather condition.Looking for a lens to increase contrast and depth...
    $19.95 - $35.99
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  • Spy HSX Scoop Lenses

    Spy HSX Scoop Lens

    Replacement lenses for Spy Optics HSX Scoop Sunglasses 9x3 Base Toric ARC® lenses 100% UV protection Lens Tints: Bronze - 11.4% VLT Grey - 12.8% VLT Grey Gradient Silver Mirror - 8.9% VLT *...
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  • Spy Ace Replacement Lens - Happy Plus Persimmon Clear

    Spy Ace Lens

    The midsize Ace snow goggle stands at the pinnacle of performance, thanks to its innovative Quick Draw lens change system. When faced with unpredictable and ever-changing conditions on the...
    $29.89 - $59.89
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  • Happy Persimmon w/ Lucid Silver Happy Yellow Lucid Green

    Spy Doom Lens

    Within darkness there is light. The Doom's Locksteady fingerprint free quick-change lens system is your only hope for protection against the everchanging elements of mother nature. Changing your lens...
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  • Happy Persimmon Lucid Silver Mirror Clear

    Spy Legacy Lens

    Achieve a seamless and fingerprint-free lens exchange with the Legacy snow goggle, featuring the Lock Steady 2.0 quick change lens system. Designed to fit directly into your goggles, these OEM lenses...
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  • Spy Optics Snow and Moto Goggle Case 1 Spy Optics Snow and Moto Goggle Case 2

    Spy Optics Goggle Case

    This zipper case from Spy Optics will keep your snow and bike goggles in top shape year after year. Has vent holes that allow moisture to escape inside the case. Mesh sleeve allows you to carry spare...
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  • Spy Legacy SE Lens - Happy Bronze Red Spectra Spy Legacy SE Lens - Happy Bronze Red Spectra

    Spy Legacy SE Lens

    Enhance your snow goggle collection with our direct fit OEM lenses designed specifically for the compact Legacy SE goggle. With these replacement lenses, you have the opportunity to optimize your...
    $49.89 - $69.89
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  • Happy Yellow Lucid Green Happy Yellow

    Spy Bravo Lens

    Spare replacement lenses for the Spy Bravo snow goggle. Spherical lens, vents and shape are as shown. Try the Clear for night riding or Happy Yellow for flat light conditions! Features: 6-BASE ARC...
    $49.89 - $69.89
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  • HD + Persimmon Silver Spectra Mirror Clear

    Spy Marauder Lens

    Elevate your winter adventures with replacement lenses for the Spy Optics' Marauder snow goggle. Our lenses are designed to provide exceptional optical clarity and uncompromised protection. With...
    $49.89 - $69.89
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  • Clear - Spy Marauder Elite Replacement Lens Clear - Spy Marauder Elite Replacement Lens

    Spy Marauder Elite Lens

    Replacement lenses for the Spy Optics' Marauder Elite snow goggle. If further assistance is needed choosing the right lens for your every day needs, give us a call at 1-800-PRO-LENS...
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  • Happy Persimmon Clear

    Spy Marshall Lens

    Elevate your vision on the slopes with our replacement lenses tailored for the Spy Marshall ski and snowboard goggle. The Marshall features a 5.5 ARC Spherical dual-lens system, which minimizes...
    $39.89 - $59.89
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  • Spy Getaway replacement lens - Bronze Clear

    Spy Getaway Lens

    Elevate your vision on the slopes with replacement lenses for Spy Optics' Getaway goggles. These lenses offer 100% UV protection and are equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings to ensure...
    $24.89 - $39.89
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  • Persimmon Clear

    Spy Raider Lens

    Upgrade your Spy Optics Raider snow goggle with our premium replacement lenses. Designed for clarity and performance, these lenses feature anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, ensuring a clear and...
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  • Persimmon Clear

    Spy Cadet Lens

    Elevate your child's Spy Optics Cadet goggles with our range of replacement lenses. Crafted for optical excellence, these lenses feature 100% UV protection to safeguard young eyes against harmful...
    $24.89 - $29.89
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  • Spy Woot replacement lens - Persimmon Clear

    Spy Woot Lens

    Keep those Spy Woot goggles fresh with a brand new OEM lens. These are geniune Spy lenses and will be a direct replacement. Anti-fog injected cylindrical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection 100%...
    $24.89 - $29.89
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  • Spy Platoon Replacement Lens - Bronze Spy Platoon Replacement Lens - Bronze

    Spy Platoon Lens

    Spare replacement lenses for the Spy Platoon snow goggle. Spherical lens, vents and shape are as shown. Features: 6-BASE ARC Spherical lenses eliminate optical distortion Anti-Scratch...
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  • Lens for the Zed and Targa 3 Goggles

    Spy Zed & Targa 3 Lens

    Unfortunately the Zed & Targa 3 has been discontinued by Spy and lenses are no longer available. If you are looking for a new goggle with interchangeable lenses please call us at 1-800-PRO-LENS...
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